The GLLC Approves New 2023-2027 Policy Agenda

November 13, 2023

At the GLLC 2023 Annual Meeting, the membership approved an updated policy agenda after revisions proposed by the Executive Committee. The activity of the GLLC, including annual meetings, web meetings, Patricia Birkholz Institutes, regional legislative activity, and other advocacy efforts, is based on the approved agenda.

The issue areas are outlined below. See the full policy agenda with additional detail here.

Water Consumption: Ensure the availability of safe, clean, affordable drinking water

Toxic Substances: Remediate and prevent further pollution from emerging and legacy contaminants

Nutrient Management: Work with nonpoint source nutrient producers to reduce runoff

Aquatic Invasive Species: Control and prevent further introduction and movement of non-native species

Coastal Resiliency: Plan and respond to the impacts of climate change on Great Lakes communities