Coastal Resiliency

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region is already experiencing the impacts of climate change, with increased temperatures, high precipitation events, and extreme weather affecting the region’s people, environment, and economy. Coordinated, regional action is needed in order to make sure that Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin communities are able to adapt.

GLLC Policy Position

In 2023, the GLLC adopted a policy agenda that included coastal resiliency as a top priority. Specifically, the GLLC committed to the following:

Coastal Resiliency: Plan and respond to the impacts of climate change on Great Lakes communities

  • Support the sustainable economic development of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence coastal communities, including the restoration and preservation of habitat and wetlands
  • Maintain the region’s locks and ports and to replace infrastructure when necessary to ensure the sustainable movement of cargo on the Great Lakes
  • Support public and private initiatives to adapt Great Lakes-St. Lawrence marine transport, including clean fuel and green infrastructure
  • Advocate planning and measures to adapt to projected changes in temperatures, precipitation levels, water levels, etc. and mitigate threats of flooding and erosion through nature-based shoreline restoration where possible.

Task Force on Climate Resiliency

Task Force on Climate Resiliency

In 2023, state and provincial legislators gathered in Detroit for the second Birkholz Institute. The 2023 Birkholz Fellows studied climate resiliency in the two-day intensive workshop before forming the Task Force on Climate Resiliency.

Under the leadership of Task Force Chair IL Sen. Laura Ellman and Vice Chair ON MPP Jennifer French, the Task Force will develop policy recommendations on climate resiliency for the GLLC throughout 2024.

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Senator Laura Ellman, Illinois
Chair, Task Force on Climate Resiliency
Sen. Ellman is a 2023 Birkholz Fellow and leads the 2023-24 Task Force on Climate Resiliency.
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MPP Jennifer French, Ontario
Executive Committee; Vice Chair, Task Force on Climate Resiliency
MPP French has been a GLLC member since 2018 and is serving her third term on the Executive Committee. MPP French served on the Task Force on Nutrient Management and the Task Force on Lead.